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Problem Statement

There are various facets of an organisation which need to be managed such as network print devices, local print devices, device drivers and human resources.

The primary problem however, is reconciling the hardware (i.e. printer, copier meter readings) statistics with that of the statistics generated by human resources (who did what, when, how many etc.). All of these management requirements are met by the UniTrac™ System.

The UniTrac™ system range is divided into two main product categories, namely:

Human Resources Print Management: UniTrac™ Print & Copy:

  • Print and copy tracking with an auhentication and client billing configurations.

Hardware Print Management: UniTrac™ UniNetscan:

  • A universal print device auditing platform monitoring and recording device meter readings and flags statuses

Each UniTrac™ Print & Copy product package consists of various software and hardware modules installed in different configurations.

The different modules allow UniTrac™ to be installable in a diverse range of environments.

The UniTrac™ system is comprised of four modules, namely

  1. The UniTrac™ MaxMan software module which manages all network printing.
  2. The UniTrac™ DeskMan software module which manages all local/IP printing.
  3. The UniTrac™ Print Client software module which provides pop-up based user and/or account authentication and/or secure-print-releasing of print jobs.
  4. The UniTrac™ UniMonitor Terminal hardware module which provides key-pad based user and/or account authentication and/or secure-print-releasing of print jobs as well as usage tracking of all makes of print & copy devices.

UniTrac modules

Product package feature matrix