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The UniTrac System architecture can be divided into four operational quadrants for which the MaxMan software module is the central management hub. These four quadrants are:

  1. Print Spooler : Native print spoolers are monitored in Windows or Linux.
  2. ODBC : Management data is stored in any one of the major database frameworks.
  3. TCP/IP : Communication between our software data collection agents is achieved by standard TCP/IP.
  4. Reports : Management reports may be viewed from any computer with access to the network via a web browser.

Data Generation

The UniTrac™ System generates as much or as little data as is required and outputs the data in report or CSV format.

Data Consolidation

The UniTrac™ System does not currently provide a mechanism to consolidate the generated data into a single invoice. However, our second generation product range shall provide this feature. Currently, we recommend the following data consolidation procedure to our clients.