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We are currently developing the second generation UniTrac™ System.

This system shall be even more modular and allow for better integration and communication between these modules.

The system has been re-engineered top-down by keeping large enterprises in mind from the beginning. Micro to small organisations will however benefit from this re-design.

A short breakdown of the modules currently in development:

UniTrac™ AdminCentre

  • Offering a single administrative console for managing status's, deployment and configuration of all Unitrac software and hardware agents on a company network
  • Application Manager which manages the local application repository and connects to the remote repository for easy install and update of all our application modules.
  • Deployment engine allows application modules to be deployed to multiple network locations at one go.
  • Build-in product module registration and licensing covering trial and bought applications by connecting to MyEconsys web site.
  • Database Manager which provides a built-in management tool for our embedded and external SQL databases.

MyEconsys web site

  • Licensing website providing licence key generation/maintenance capability to AdminCentre.
  • Clients register themselves on the web site and receive a globally unique Client Code. A unique Site Code based on the Client Code is then generated for each site the client deploys an application to.

UniTrac™ DeviceScope

  • The integrated version of Unitrac UniNetscan (UniNetscan is more of a standalone application) which scans the network for device data such as alerts, consumable levels and meter readings.
  • Provides real-time custom reporting (uses Unitrac ReportCentre) based on filter results.
  • Much more tightly coupled with data generated from human-resources.

UniTrac™ MaxMan Gen2

  • An upgraded version of the first generation MaxMan software module.
  • Provides the user interface to manage the device drivers and device spoolers.
  • Combines DeviceScope (i.e. machine) generated data with Human Resources data to provide fully reconciled reports.
  • Provides real-time custom reporting (uses Unitrac ReportCentre) based on filter results.

UniTrac™ ReportCentre

  • A software module which provides all of the other software modules with reporting capabilities.
  • Provides embedded report charting and graphics for trend analysis.

UniTrac™ UniPC

  • A tiny (6-port switch size) Linux & Erlang based embedded (ARM chip) computer with Wi-Fi capability for which the aim is to replace existing servers on sites which do not require large processing power. It will run a special version of Unitrac MaxMan to collect data from local software agents such as Unitrac DeskMan and Unitrac UniMonitor Terminals.