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Effective Control Systems prides itself in facing the challenges that the market provides, no system is complete until the customers requirements are met. With technology changing and advancing at a rapid rate Effective Control Systems strives to provide their clients with systems that are able to function and compete with any international products.

Our vision is to be a proudly South African company that is able to design and manufacture hardware and to develop software to a standard of excellence. These products can compete with international products on a technological, functionality, and most important of all on value and price. In striving to achieve our vision we take on the responsibility of supporting local industries and manufacturers in improving the economic environment for all our associates and partners, especially the economy of South Africa.

The Company

  • Effective Control Systems (ECS) has been in business since 1986 operating in the Facilities Management Environment and hence offers unequalled experience in this segment of the industry.
  • ECS is marketed through word-of-mouth, only.
  • We are able to offer flexible and highly competitive pricing. Generally, cost of UT hardware and software is 30 60 % less than the competition.
  • We offer the capability to work with clients and adapt our software systems to reflect the clients exact requirements. This we see as our most powerful selling tool.
  • All products have been developed locally. As such we offer a degree of customization that is unrivalled in this industry with in house skills to match.
  • Provide UT product support for entire Southern African region.
  • Training courses for all the UT products are provided.
  • Comprehensive documentation for all UT products are provided.
  • Effective Control Systems has twice qualified as a Technology Top 100 company in SA as adjudicated by Engineering Week and the SA Engineering Association.
  • The software is largely developed using the powerful platform independent Erlang language. The embedded software is developed largely in C and C++. We also make use of other development languages such as JAVA, C++ Builder, C Sharp and Visual Basic depending on the specific application we are developing for.

Technical Support

Effective Control Systems employ qualified engineers to design and develop the product range. These engineers train photocopier company technical personnel to do first line technical support. Should additional support be required telephonic or email support is available which can be upgraded to online support where remote network access is available. Should the above not resolve the problem one of the design engineers will be despatched to site.

Product and Services

The systems supplied by Effective Control Systems facilitate the monitoring individuals usage of corporate facilities, thereby allowing the correct allocation and billing of costs to the various departments and clients. A detailed management report is also supplied to the managers of departments and clients allowing them to query any excessive use. Making individuals accountable usually results in a significant reduction in the volumes through these printers/copiers (usually exceeding 20%).

Savings such as these imply that these systems pay for themselves within a very short period of time with the added benefit of an improvement in staff productivity.

Effective Control Systems (ECS) designs, manufactures and distributes specialized products used primarily in the management of office facilities; this includes photocopiers, printers, and Internet access. We are able to customize and develop software and hardware to clients specifications.